Dan C Chabot
on January 30, 2021 88 views
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We're kicking off Season 2 with our second PMJ short film directed by Abraham Roofeh: "Africa," starring Casey Abrams and Snuffy Walden, arranged and produced by Scott Bradlee. Enjoy the video and our first all-new album of Season 2, "Blue Mirror!"
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Follow the musicians:
Casey Abrams - Vocals and bass
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamcaseyabrams
Twitter: http://twitter.com/caseybassy
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Caseybassy
Snuffy Walden - Guitar
Mike Cottone - Trumpet
Jacob Scesney - Sax
Lemar Guillary - Trombone
Adam Kubota - Bass
Tim Kubart - Tambourine Guy
Martin Diller - Drums
Scott Bradlee - Piano
YouTube: http://youtube.com/scottbradlee
Facebook: http://facebook.com/scottbradleemusic
Instagram: http://instagram.com/scottbradlee
Twitter: http://twitter.com/scottbradlee
#OutsideTheJukebox book: http://smarturl.it/outsidethejukebox
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