TAZ Entertainment
TAZ Entertainment is Calgary's first and only entertainment provider that specializes in marketing and bar science for the benefit of our customers - local Calgary bar owners. Founded by Tyler Zeck in 2003, TAZ Entertainment has spent over 15 years developing expertise in entertaining audiences. With an uncanny ability to deliver incredible karaoke, name that tune, live DJ and other options, we offer more than just another "karaoke show". In fact, we recognize that most karaoke shows fail because most karaoke providers cater to the wrong types of karaoke customers. TAZ Entertainment shows on the other hand are fun for everyone, and most importantly, profitable for our customers. As good as our entertainment is however, TAZ Entertainment is first and foremost a marketing and bar science company. Over the past five years TAZ founder Tyler Zeck has been successfully coaching business owners in their marketing strategy through his work with The Marketing Mentorship Academy - a marketing coaching and consulting company. Now he has merged his two passions, marketing and entertainment to forge the very first bar assistance program of it's kind. "A karaoke show is just another product to promote" he says, "a truly quality karaoke show, coupled with a professional marketing campaign, and an inventive brand strategy virtually guarantees success. By combining entertainment, branding, and marketing expertise, TAZ Entertainment & Bar Science provides a level of support and assistance for bar owners unlike anything in the industry. Follow TAZ Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and stay up to date on all the exciting things they're doing around the city. If you a bar owner looking to increase your sales, then call us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 403-703-0732