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The CONSUMMATE HOST – A Dodecagonal Personality 

An accomplished karaoke host will display a multifaceted personality,  encompassing 12 essential behavior characteristics:
1  Enthusiastic
The upbeat attitude the host incorporates in their mic work establishes an anticipatory, positive atmosphere and is a primary source of energy injected into the show.
2  Organized
The multitasking expectations requires the host to be well prepared in order to be time management effective.  
3  Accommodating
The host views each member of the audience as all important and facilitating as a primary duty, including assisting singers to find songs, answer questions about best tracks, conscientious sound setting, singing along, etc.
4  Approachable
The host adopts a friendly demeanor that encourages singers and listeners to communicate.  Equally important, the host delegates a share of their time being available and readily accessible to the audience, where they are not “busy” with operating (over managing) the equipment.
5  Flexible
The karaoke show is characterized by the unexpected.  Unusual and unplanned for situations arise that the host must be able to react appropriately to.  Being adaptable to altering the show plan is paramount to a successful show.
6  Unbiased
Fairness is one of the most critical attributes a quality host will emulate, as it is one of the most common voiced complaints from participants.  The host will strive to treat everyone equally, including friends v/s strangers, good singers v/.s average, inner group v/s occasional, influential v/s ordinary, etc.  Even the perception of unfairness is a real potential, and the aware host will provide explanations for procedures and rules that some may perceive incorrectly.
7  Perceptive
A good host will have spent time reading the room and be aware of, not only the various components and characteristics that make up the audience, but events that are taking place as the show progresses.  This greatly assists the host in being inclusive for participation, as well as being a trouble shooter for potential problems that may arise.
8  Opportunistic
A top host will have the goal of show building ever present.  This includes, not only being intuitive about when to encourage first time or reluctant singers for current involvement,  but will incorporate the objective of building future shows.  This characteristic is vital to show longevity and is assigned an emphatic emphasis.    
9  Motivational
A highly successful host will have a variety of effective strategies for encouraging participation, in addition to soliciting attendance at shows ongoing.

10  Promotional
Promoting drinks, food, specials, service and other bar events will be an integral component of the host’s announcement agenda.  
11  Balanced
The experienced host will demonstrate a balance in focusing on both the front end (mic & PR work) and back end (computer work & setting sound).  Enough cannot be said here on the importance of coming up with the right mix here.    
12  Humble
The overriding quality that a top host should display is humility. It must be remembered that they are NOT THE ENTERTAINMENT, but the FACILITATOR OF THE ENTERTAINMENT.  A major criticism directed at hosts, second only to fairness, is that they place themselves in the spotlight excessively by participating much too frequently.  Knowing when to sing less, as well as more,  is an essential perception.  The indication of an ultimate show and accomplished hosting may well be when the host doesn’t have to sing at all!
The above, twelve behavior traits are, by no intent,  viewed as conclusive and the end all.  They are, however, strong bets for a high quality karaoke event.  The dictates of Oscar Hosting to render an Oscar Show are open ended and infinite.  Further, they are not intended to operate in isolation but, rather, as a conjunctive endeavor resulting in a dynamic, highly effective, entertainment facilitator.  It may be unrealistic to expect any one host to display all of them.  More importantly, they represent a standard that the conscientious host can aspire to.
We welcome participation from the reader on what constitutes an Oscar Host.  Your contributions in the form of comments, questions, additions,  agreements or objections, on this post and all,  are gratefully received, and we will do our best to respond.

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