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"The Show", Not Just Any Show
Karaoke Shows have been around long enough in North America, since the first karaoke bar appeared back in 1982, to have developed a distinct, entertainment art form, albeit one still evolving.  The history of show development has, in large, focused on the Host as the centerpiece and all important element, solely responsible for conducting and the success of the presentation.  While the importance of solid hosting has in no way diminished,  the involvement of the bar in a team endeavor, has emerged as critical to producing the ultimate show.  Karaoke shows, operated as a joint project with the host, have become one of the primary, added value initiatives that bar operators are employing to maximize returns. 
THE HOST  (Part 1)
The Undervalued MC
Karaoke hosts hardly ever get recognized for their worth unless, of course, you are another karaoke host or, perhaps,  someone immersed in the culture.  The reasons for this are hard to pin down, but a likely guess might be attributed to the lower pedestal karaoke performers are placed on compared with professional artists.  This is one of the great inequalities, possibly even an injustice, that stubbornly persists in the entertainment world.  Take, for example, the present day hosting titans, Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, Tyra Banks, from “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”, along with the hugely successful James Corden of “Carpool Karaoke”.  These visible and highly skilled celebrities command double digit millions in seasonal salaries!  If you take an analytical look, they are responsible for one to 15 minute segments, to keep the audience entertained between performances, often scripted and with the assistance of the trusty teleprompter.  Is this the level that the karaoke host should aspire to? Interesting thought or, perhaps not?   
It begs pointing out, however, that, while the duties of these renowned personalities may be specialized, their performance is usually refined, highly skilled and effective with the audience.  Their function is vital to the cohesiveness and continuity of the show.  Perhaps, even more significant, is the contribution the celebrity hosts and their tv shows have made to promoting the worth of the amateur singer, and popularizing the karaoke culture, in general.  It might even be claimed that James Corden, in featuring the car as a novel karaoke “venue”, has been a primary instigator in bringing singing out of the shower, as the first step to the amateur going public.
Conversely, the duties of the karaoke host are broad and encompassing:  Responsible for all facets of the show, including setting up the equipment, creating the performing roster, finding the songs, announcing the performers, operating the computer, and setting the sound.  If this isn't enough, let’s throw in trouble shooting and show building.  The responsibilities and multitasking that are expectations of the hosting function, are, indeed daunting and in its entirety, a vital component of the show’s success.

The show presentation is as varied, in elements and quality, as there are hosts and venues.  While we can expect, applaud and encourage this individuality where human endeavor is concerned, we must also identify common elements that are paramount to quality hosting.  Developing a paradigm that defines and identifies the premier host is invaluable to the bar owner, as a prospective employer. 



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