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by on March 9, 2019
THE OSCAR KARAOKE SHOW   (Part 2 of 6) The CONSUMMATE HOST – A Dodecagonal Personality  An accomplished karaoke host will display a multifaceted personality,  encompassing 12 essential behavior characteristics: 1  Enthusiastic The upbeat attitude the host incorporates in their mic work establishes an anticipatory, positive atmosphere and is a primary source of energy injected into the show. 2  Organized The multitasking expectations requires the host to be well prepared in order to be ...
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by on January 30, 2019
THE OSCAR KARAOKE SHOW  (A 6 Part Series) "The Show", Not Just Any Show Karaoke Shows have been around long enough in North America, since the first karaoke bar appeared back in 1982, to have developed a distinct, entertainment art form, albeit one still evolving.  The history of show development has, in large, focused on the Host as the centerpiece and all important element, solely responsible for conducting and the success of the presentation.  While the importance of solid hosting has in ...
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